Olympus Rally Info
Start date
May 19, 2018
End date
May 20, 2018
Racing surface
Hard and Loose packed Gravel
Rally length
127 Competition miles, 199 Transit miles
Rally location
Shelton WA, The Ridge Motorsports Park
Event website
The Ridge Website
Olympus Rally

For over 40 years Stage rally has had a home in the forests of the Olympic Peninsula outside of Seattle. Olympus rally quickly became known for its twisting long and twisting stage roads, some in excess of 25 miles. Some stages are so long that the weather can be different as the beginning and end of a stage. The rally is a test of endurance, both for the car's and the driver's mettle. A world class Stage Rally event, Olympus has seen competitors from around the globe come and compete to be the fastest in the Olympic Forests.

The rally hits the ground running with two challenging stages, the 9 mile long Dayton stage is the perfect warm up for the tight, twisting, and treacherous Wildcat stage. At nearly 19 miles, it is the longest stage of the rally this year. Later in the day, the fan favorite Simpson Super Special stages bring spectators right into the middle of the Olympus Rally action. Day 2 of Olympus puts competitors up against the challenging Windy Cougar and the long-running Nahwatzel stage.  

Spectator Viewing Schedule

Saturday May 19

John Nagel Rally Stages

Pare Exposé, Downtown Shelton
Stage 2, Wildcat I, Spectator Area 1 and 2
Service I, The Ridge Motorsports Park
Stage 4, Wildcat II, Spectator Area 1 and 2
Service II, The Ridge Motorsports Park
Stage 6, Simpson Super Special I, Spectator Area 3
Stage 8, Simpson Super Special II, Spectator Area 3
First car finishes Day 1, The Ridge Motorsports Park

Sunday May 20

Ray Damitio Rally Stages

Parc Exposé, The Ridge Motorsports Park
Stage 11, Nahwatzel I, Spectator Area 4
Service I, The Ridge Motorsports Park
Stage 13, Nahwatzel II, Spectator Area 4
First car finishes Day 2, Camp One
Podium Ceremony, Camp One
All Times Pacific
Spectator Points and Directions listed in Spectator Guide
Driver Stats
  • John Buffam, David Higgins, and Rod Millen have all won here 4 times.

  • Closest margin of victory - 4.6 seconds in 2007

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