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Event Bulletins 

ARA Event Bulletins

Olympus Rally Bulletin #5

The entrance and exit to The Ridge Motorsports Park that will be used during the rally will be the Spectator entrance and not the Main Entrance shown in the route book. Subtract 0.16 miles from all transits into and out of Service, except for transits from the Out Windy stage to Service, where 0.16 miles are added.

Apply the following changes to the Route Book.

Olympus Rally Bulletin #4

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting rules and recommendations of various public health authorities, the procedure for checking into controls will be different from normal practice in order to eliminate contact between competitors and marshals as much possible.

Olympus Rally Bulletin #3A

Novice list and meeting information for Olympus Rally.

Olympus Rally Bulletin #2

  1. The maximum number of entries has been increased from 71 to 76.

  2. The Seeded Draw will take place on Friday, 13 Nov 2020 at 1830 Pacific Time via FaceTime.

Olympus Rally Bulletin #1A

Updated Bulletin ​on information regarding competitor refunds policy regarding the Olympus Rally and Recce identifiers.

Olympus Rally Bulletin #1

Information regarding competitor refunds policy regarding the Olympus Rally and Recce identifiers.

Show-Me Rally Bulletin #2

Show-ME Rally Bulletin #2 is a clarification and/or update on three items, including the addition of entries to the event, clarification on the Wait-List procedure for the rally as well as an update on Recce.

Show-Me Rally Bulletin #1

Show-Me Rally Bulletin #1 defines national and regional registration dates and numbers, as well as defines withdrawal information.

Ojibwe Forests Rally Bulletin #3

Bulletin #3:

August 21, 2020 –

Competitor & Crew Check-in Information

Ojibwe Forests Rally - Bulletin #1

Updated e-mail information for Event Stewards and new information regarding reduce times and speed.

100 Acre Wood Rally Bulletin #4

Additional cars added to rally schedule and final schedule of 100 AW events

2020 100 AW Bulletin #3

100 AW Bulletin #3

Registration for Testing Day will open on Feb. 13.

2020 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood Bulletin #2

100 AW Bulletin #2

We have extended the maximum number of entries accepted to 90. 

Sno-Drift 2020 Bulletin 1

Sno-Drift Bulletin 1

ARA Approval of a passenger during Recce for car 26 per RCR 1.2.1.c

100 AW Entry Limit

100 AW Bulletin 1

Information regarding 100 AW entry limits, waiting list and refunds.

2020 MOR Corrections to Supps Bulletin

MOR Bulletin 1

Changes to Volunteer Registration and Competition Schedule.

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100 Acre Wood Bulletin 4 New 3/12/2021

The following information concerns changes to the Event Supps and Novice Briefing List

100 Acre Wood Bulletin 3 New 3/12/2021

The following information regards competitors scrutineering schedule at 100 AW

100 Acre Wood Bulletin 2 New 3/12/2021

The following is in regards to the use of Rally Safe at 100 Acre Wood

100 Acre Wood Bulletin 1 New 2/11/2021

The following information regards test day information for competitors of the 100 Acre Wood Rally.

Sno*Drift Bulletin 1 New 12/31/2020 

The following changes are made to the 2021 Supplemental Regulations for the 2021 Sno*Drift Rally. Changes include entry fees and times and mileage reduction.

ARA Rules and Bulletins

Rules and Bulletins

Click the attached link for all 2020 Updated ARA Rules and Bulletins

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