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North American Rally Cup Standings

The North American Rally Cup (NARC) is an international cooperative competition between the American Rally Association and the Canadian Rally Championship to find the best drivers in both countries. Designed to stimulate international rally participation between the United States and Canada, the NARC schedule of events includes all national-level rallies from both the ARA and CRC championships. Competitors become eligible to place in NARC through participation in at least one rally event from both countries.


Though only one event in both the US and Canada is required, NARC scoring incentivizes competing at multiple rallies in each country. If a competitor runs one event in both countries, they can count up to 3 events in one country and 1 in the other for a total of 4 events. For drivers who run two events in both countries, they may count up to up to 4 events in one country and 2 in the other for a total of 6 events.


The NARC recognizes drivers, co-drivers, and manufacturers in two competition categories, Overall and 2wd.


Current Standings for the NARC are listed below:

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