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American Rally Association Expands to 21 Events in 2023

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Speedway, Ind. ~ The American Rally Association is set to begin the 2023 Green APU National Rally Championship next month in Atlanta, Mich. (February 10-11), which will set off a busy year that includes 21 total events on the ARA calendar.

The Green APU National Rally Championship will feature eight total rounds, starting with February’s Sno*Drift and ending in October with the Lake Superior Performance Rally. All eight rounds will host a two-day ARA Super Regional, with points going towards the event’s respective ARA Regional Championship.

The ARA Regional Championships will be split into three regions in 2023, East, Central and West. Those regional titles will be contested over all 21 events, including four stand-alone Super Regionals and nine basic regionals.

The East Regional Championship will be bolstered by the addition of both Sno*Drift and Summer Sno*Drift to the region. The Southern Ohio Forest Rally (June 8-10), New England Forest Rally (July 14-15), Bristol Forest Rally (Super Regional, May 6) and Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally round out the East Region. STPR, which has historically been a national event, will compete as a two-day Super Regional September 15-16.

The Central Regional Championship will host eight events in 2023. There are three Super Regional events tied to ARA Nationals on the schedule; Rally in the 100 Acre Wood (March 17-18), Ojibwe Forests Rally (August 25-26) and the Lake Superior Performance Rally (October 13-14). Headwaters Rally (May 20), Missouri Ozark (tentatively scheduled for July 29), and the Show-Me Rally (Super Regional on November 3-4) will all count towards the 2023 points race. Nemadji Trail, which took place in December 2022 with points going towards the 2023 championship, will be December 2, 2023. That event will count towards the 2024 regional championship.

The ARA West Regional Championship has seen substantial growth over the past few seasons. The biggest news coming out of the west is the return of the Prescott Rally (Ariz.) on September 29-30. Prescott will be under new leadership in 2023 and will begin recruiting volunteers as early as February. The Olympus Rally and Oregon Trail Rally will be ran as Super Regionals in conjunction to their national event status. Tour de Forest (June 16) will be moving up in the schedule, running in June in conjunction with the ARA-sanctioned Wild West Classic Rally. Rally Colorado (July 22-23) will compete as a Super Regional in Rangely, Colo. Organizers of the Oregon Trail Regional (September 9) have been working on new roads in Columbia County, Ore. Rally Nevada (November 11) continues to grow as an ARA event and will return as the final event of the 2023 championship in Tonopah, Nev. The Ridge Rally (Calif.) (December 9) was added as a 2023 championship event and ran last December. It will run as a 2024 West event this year.

The 2023 ARA Green APU National Rally Championship kicks off February 10-11 with the annual Sno*Drift Rally in Atlanta, Mich. The ARA will also be sanctioning several RallySprint events in 2023, including a four-race championship held at Rally Ready Driving School in Austin, Texas. For more information about the ARA, go to


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