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Antoine L'Estage joins ARA as National Safety Delegate

The American Rally Association is excited to announce Antoine L’Estage as the National Championship Safety Delegate, driver of the ARA Safety Vehicle, and member of the ARA Safety Committee. His experience as a top-level driver and multi-national champion will guide a larger safety initiative.

Antoine will be contributing to the Safety Committee by reviewing the itineraries and stage roads for the National Championship events. This review will be performed in coordination with the events weeks or months in advance of competition. The safety committee will be reviewing the course for spectator safety, expected speeds, potential hazards, and areas of concern to make recommendations for signage, physical protections, or speed limiters, such as chicanes. The safety committee will also be performing this review for all regional events.

In addition to the pre-event work, Antoine will be attending the remaining ARA National Championship events, starting at the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood in Salem, Missouri. He will be working with Lee Sorenson, Head of the ARA Safety Committee, to confirm the recommendations and ensure the event is following ARA Safety Standards. This will be completed by driving the route in the ARA Safety Vehicle during reconnaissance and traversing the stages with the event course opening cars during competition.

We are also very pleased to announce the arrival of the official ARA Safety Vehicle, provided by Subaru. The 2024 Crosstrek Wilderness was just delivered to our headquarters in Indy. Expect to see the beautiful Geyser Blue Subaru running advance of all stages among the zero cars starting this weekend.

The ARA Safety Committee is led by Lee Sorenson, longtime event organizer, and made up of qualified individuals with experience in event and safety operations. The committee is assisting the ARA and event organizers with overall safety planning and guiding future safety updates for the events and series. There are still openings in the ARA Safety Committee. Interested persons should email with relevant experience and qualifications.

For more information on the American Rally Association and the 2024 Championship, go to



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