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2018 Rules and Bulletins Reference

The following rules and bulletins have been superseded by the 2019 rules. They are included below as a historical reference, but may not be used for current competition.
For the current ARA rulebook and bulletins, go to

REFERENCE ONLY: 2018 Competition Documents

2018 General Competition Rules

This document details the General Competition Rules (GCRs) for all events sanctioned by the American Rally Association in 2018. These rules define the regulations for competitors at ARA Stage Rally events. These rules define the roles of Stewards and cover Terminology, Organization of Events with respect to teams, Competitor Behavior and Sportsmanship, Event Officials, Penalties, and the Inquiry/Appeals Process among other subjects.

2018 Rally Competition Rules

This document lays out the Rally Competition Rules (RCRs) for all American Rally Association sanctioned events in 2018. These regulations define the responsibilities of Stage Rally events in their event set up and organization. It includes details on route setup and execution, registration for competitors and service crew, event net control, route book presentation, timing and scoring, and general administration of an ARA event, among other subjects.

2018 ARA Technical Rules

This document defines the class structure of ARA competitor vehicles. It also defines the necessary details for vehicles to meet eligibility requirements for these classes. 

2018 Side-By-Side Rules

This document lays out Side-By-Side vehicles, also known as UTV or SXS, general construction and safety rules for the 2018 ARA season. The 2018 Side-By-Side rules outline general build guidelines for competitors and also define build requirements for the Pro Stock and Pro Modified SXS classes. These two classes are analogous to the Open and Limited classes in cars, with Pro Stock limiting the type and amount of modification allowed to a vehicle and Pro Modified allowing more customization.

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REFRENCE ONLY: 2018 ARA Bulletins

2018 Championship Points Structure

Bulletin 2018 - 1



This document details the championship point structure for the 2018 American Rally Association National Championship Series. It also describes how points will be calculated for ARA Regional Championships.

2018 Vehicle Identification Standard

Bulletin 2018 - 2


This document details the proper placement and application of ARA "Visual Package" number backers and series graphics. These items must appear on all ARA competition vehicles. Proper placement of the Visual Package on a vehicle insures accurate identification and scoring of competition vehicles.  

Open 4WD Class Front Differentials

Bulletin 2018 - 3


Effective immediately, an active front differential may be used in the Open 4WD class with a corresponding 100 lb. increase to the specified minimum weight.  

Speed Factors and Starting Order

Bulletin 2018 - 4



This document updates start order procedures for all 2018 ARA events, effective immediately. These procedures are in effect for the upcoming Oregon Trail Rally.

Boost Control Monitor Installation

Bulletin 2018 - 5


Guideline for installation of ARA boost control monitor system. The following instructions shall be used to create provisions for required hardware.

2018 Reconnaissance-Only Entries

Bulletin 2018 - 6


Allowance and provisions for reconnaissance-only entries at ARA National Championship events. 

Technical Rules Change, Fuel Systems and Sound Check

Bulletin 2018 - 7


This bulletin provides a basis for improving safety of vehicle fuel cells. It also revises the limit and provides testing methodology for the sound level emitted by competition vehicles. 

Technical Rules Updates

Bulletin 2018 - 8


This document details miscellaneous updates to the ARA Technical Rules to be implemented for the 2019 ARA season. It also details several changes to ARA vehicle classes. 

RC2 Vehicle Eligibility

Bulletin 2018 - 9


ARA has determined that vehicles currently recognized in the RC2 international category would be a good fit in the ARA National Championship. This document details changes to the ARA Technical Rules to allow their inclusion. 

Miscellaneous Changes to the Rally Competition Rules

​Bulletin 2018 - 10


This bulletin updates several items in the Rally Competition Rules (RCRs). 

Competitors are advised that the ARA 2018 Rules and their Bulletins remain in effect until superseded by an updated set. The 2019 Rules are expected shortly and will consist of the 2018 rules, integration of the 2018 Bulletins, editing into a clean format and minor revisions with no expected impact. 

Safety Harness Installation

​Bulletin 2018 - 11


This bulletin updates several sections of the Technical Rules relating to safety harness certification and installation. 

Novice Drivers

​Bulletin 2018 - 12


This bulletin defines rules for the vehicles that novice competitors drive. It outlines procedures and rational for adding intake restrictors to naturally aspirated and forced induction cars driven by novices.  

Changes to the General and Rally Competition Rules

Bulletin 2018 - 13


This bulletin details the final changes to the 2018 ARA General and Rally Competition Rules before the introduction of the 2019 versions of those rules. 

Notice of 2019 Championship Revisions

The following is a document that was sent to ARA competitors on December 7, 2018. It details changes to the championship points and event structure of ARA for the 2019 season. 

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