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ARA Bulletin 2020-6

ARA Bulletin with additional clarification of the RTR 4.1.11 regarding Turbuchargers and Exhaust Gasses

ARA Bulletin 2020-5

Beginning with the Show-Me Rally the EZTrak cellular trackers will need to be hard wired to a 12 volt battery supply in the rally car. 

ARA Bulletin 2020-4

ARA Events are being timed with the EZTrak system as official source for stage times. This bulletin clarifies how competitor stage finish inquiries are determined.

ARA 2020 National Championship Update

Bulletin 2020-3



The 2020 ARA Championships have been updated due to the COVID-19 virus situation. The updated championship rules are as follows:

Championship Highlights

There are three different types of event sanctions in 2020:

ARA NA4 and L2 Cups

ARA Bulletin 2020-2

Detailed information about ARA NA4 and L2 Cups points and class structure for 2020.

2019 General Competition Rules

This document details the General Competition Rules (GCRs) for all events sanctioned by the American Rally Association in 2019. These rules define the regulations for competitors at ARA Stage Rally events. They also define the roles of Stewards and cover Terminology, Organization of Events with respect to teams, Competitor Behavior and Sportsmanship, Event Officials, Penalties, and the Inquiry/Appeals Process among other subjects.

2019 Rally Competition Rules

This document lays out the Rally Competition Rules (RCRs) for all American Rally Association sanctioned events in 2019. These regulations define the responsibilities of Stage Rally events in their event set up and organization. It includes details on route setup and execution, registration for competitors and service crew, event net control, route book presentation, timing and scoring, and general administration of an ARA event, among other subjects.

2019 ARA Technical Rules

This document defines the class structure of ARA competitor vehicles. It also defines the necessary details for vehicles to meet eligibility requirements for these classes. 

2018 Side-By-Side Rules

This document lays out Side-By-Side vehicles, also known as UTV or SXS, general construction and safety rules for the 2018 ARA season. The 2018 Side-By-Side rules outline general build guidelines for competitors and also define build requirements for the Pro Stock and Pro Modified SXS classes. These two classes are analogous to the Open and Limited classes in cars, with Pro Stock limiting the type and amount of modification allowed to a vehicle and Pro Modified allowing more customization.

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ARA Bulletins

2020 ARA National and Regional Championships

Bulletin 2020-1

2020 ARA Championship restructuring for East and West regionals, Super Regionals and national class consolidation.

Rally Technical Rules Changes for 2020

Bulletin 2019-10

The following changes to the Rally Technical Rules are effective Jan 1, 2020. Topics include helmet standards, safety cages, protests and log books.

2019 ARA National and Regional Championships Update

Bulletin 2019-9

Clarifies how competitors may use their Super Regonal points towards National points and adds events to schedule.

RCR and RTR Corrections

Bulletin 2019-8

Removes duplicate sections and revises RTR section to indicate the correct port size for boost sensor.

Super Regional Seeded Draw

Bulletin 2019-7

Revision to Starting Order Draw to include Super Regionals.

Championship Procedures

Bulletin 2019 - 1



This document details the championship point structure and scoring rules for ARA in 2019. It also details which events are part of which ARA region. 

Vehicle Graphics Standards

Bulletin 2019 - 2


All competing vehicles in stage events shall be identified in accordance with the ARA Visual Package, described on the ARA web site. This document details the requirements for vehicle graphics at all ARA events in 2019.

Correction to Table A of the Rally Technical Rules

Bulletin 2019 - 3


This bulletin applies corrections to Table A of the Rally Technical Rules. 

ARA Side by Side Rules Updates

Bulletin 2019 - 4



Competitors are advised that the 2018 ARA Side by Side Rules remain in effect as amended by any Bulletins and until superseded by an updated set. The 2019 ARA Side by Side Rules are undergoing final edits and are expected shortly. The following rule changes to the 2018 ARA Side by Side Rules go into effect 5-1-2019 unless otherwise indicated.

ARA Side-by-Side Championship

Bulletin 2019 - 5



The 2019 ARA Side-by-Side Championship will consist of the following National and Regional Events: Olympus Rally, Idaho Rally International, Rally Colorado, Ojibwe Forests Rally, STPR, Tour de Forest Rally. 

SxS Championship events run concurrent with National or Regional Championship events and will consist of one or two days of stages depending on local UTV regulations and the stages layout. Trailering may be required in some transits. See the event’s Supplemental Regulations for event-specific details.


Bulletin 2019 - 6



ARA is establishing a year-end RC2 Cup to be awarded to the best performing national entered driver and co-driver using RC2 vehicles in ARA National Rally Championship Presented by AMSOIL events.

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2018 Rules and Bulletins
For historical reference to past ARA rulebooks and bulletins, go to 

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