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ARA Visual Package

As of 1/20/2022, the ARA Visual Package will be changing to updated logos utilizing the ARA and Green APU logo's. Details on this page may not be fully up-to-date.

Visual Package Information
The ARA Visual Package, also known as the Vehicle Identification Standard, is how we identify competitors at ARA events. The package consists of ARA branded door banners, numbers, and windshield banners that must be placed in the proper locations before the start of any ARA rally event. The visual package is available for pre-purchase and home delivery at a discounted rate ahead of every ARA event this season.

The ARA Visual Package is available for purchase online at any time during the rally season. ARA has several Visual Package bundles available for all competitor's needs, from the standard package to ones that include driver and co-driver names.  Teams are expected to order the graphics packages from the online supplier – Rally.Build.  There will be only limited, emergency supplies available at all national and select regional events.  Teams should allow at least two weeks for verification and fulfillment of a Visual Package order.

Before ordering a visual package, please ensure that your desired car number is reserved by following the instructions at
To order the ARA visual package, visit Rally.Build or press the button below. 

When you first go to the link you will need to create a new account for browsing and purchasing the graphics by clicking the small, light gray text in the lower right below the large, dark gray login button.   Once you have established an account you can log in.
Visual Package Placement
(Illustration purposes only. Please reference Rally.Build for updated Kit designs) 
ARA Quick Guidelines 2023.jpg
Every vehicle competing must follow the ARA Brand Standards for vinyl graphics being displayed during the event. These guidelines provide approximate positions for each of the required graphics. Not all vehicles have the same spaces available so use best judgment in keeping in mind consistency for the benefit of timing and safety personnel.

The notch in the Door Number Placard faces forward on the vehicle, with the large white numbers being placed in the black area. Each ARA event will provide event banners at technical inspection to be placed in the white blank area of the Door Number Placard. 

Large orange numbers are to be placed in the quarter windows above the driver and co-driver names on both sides of the vehicle. Small orange numbers are to be placed on the windshield Visor Decal as shown.

Any questions regarding visual package placement can be sent to ARA staff at:
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