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Sno*Drift Media
Several Media are available for this event:

Alex Modrzynski - @alexmodrzynski
Ethan Lovett -
Mack Colwell - @mack_press  

Visit Apexiel to See:
Chris Heikkuri
MeLe Mitch
Thwaites Photo
Charlie Discoe
John Ruschmeyer
Sno*Drift Rally Info
Start date:
February 9-10, 2024

ARA National and East Regional

Racing surface
Plowed winter roads (snow and ice)

Rally length
118 Competition miles

Rally location
Atlanta, Michigan
Sno*Drift Rally

Located in the northern reaches of Michigan's Lower Peninsula near three of the Great Lakes, Sno*Drift Rally is aptly named thanks to its near guarantee of snow or ice. Regarded as one of the more challenging rallies of the year, the conditions at Sno*Drift frequently change from lake effect snow to packed snow, wet snow, dusted ice, or sheet ice. While the weather makes for a tough challenge on its own, the rally ups the ante thanks to tire regulations. Unlike at winter rallies north of the border, studded tires are disallowed in Michigan, limiting the maximum grip available to competitors. A unique approach to driving is necessary for success at Sno*Drift. 


Driving at Sno*Drift is about car control; the slick surface reduces the advantage of power and punishes those who lapse in concentration. Adapting to the conditions and controlling wheel spin makes all the difference, and upset victories are common. A fast driver in a slow car can beat a higher seeded team on the snow-packed roads of Michigan. 


For the fans, Sno*Drift offers terrific spectating opportunities at multiple points along its 120+ stage mile route. The Super Special stage is a favorite spot that attracts one of the largest stage-side crowds of the season. Run in a gravel pit, fans on the rim get a bird's eye view of the rally action and never miss a corner. 


The crowd packs in early for the signature stage of Sno*Drift, Bonfire Alley. Lining the 5 mile stage with campfires and bonfires, spectators light up the night to make an experience unmatched by any other event in North America. Competitors drift through corners to see smoke and fire in their periphery – a truly unique rally experience.

Rally facts
  • David Higgins has won this event 4 times; more than anyone else.

  • Closest margin of victory - 0.6 seconds in 2016.

  • Sno*Drift is the traditional opening of the North American rally season. 

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