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Branding and Logo

As of 1/1/2024, the ARA Visual Package was updated

This information has been designed and presented to ensure that the American Rally Association brand is represented in an appropriate and consistent manner. It is essential that the quality and reliability of the American Rally Association brand is upheld and adhered to in all circumstances. Please read the ARA Log Usage and Guidelines Document for information on properly use the ARA logo. 
The ARA logo is available in a vectorized PDF or as a rasterized PNG format.
Adobe PDF format with Adobe Illustrator Editing Capabilities Preserved. This is the preferred format to be distributed as its quality is independent of scale and can be converted to any other format with the best accuracy.
This is an uncompressed format that retains transparency for use over backgrounds. This should only be used for screen and should never be enlarged. If a larger screen graphic is needed one should be create from the vector version to the exact size required.
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