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NEFR-Crest_4 (2).png
July 14-15, 2023


ARA National and East Super Regional

Racing surface
Gravel and limited Tarmac

Rally length
~111.3 Competition miles, 415 Transit miles

Rally location
Newry ME, Errol, NH,
Sunday River Resort
New England Forest Rally

Since 1994 the forest roads of Maine and New Hampshire have come alive with rally cars in the summer. The New England Forest Rally and it's predecessor, the Maine Forest Rally, see competitors weave through forests and around secluded lakes along the border of Maine and New Hampshire. The stages at NEFR vary in character, some are straight and fast, while others are tight and twisting. Though one thing is constant to all of them, hills and jumps. NEFR has cars see more total airtime than anywhere else on the calendar. Jumps over crests, jumps under braking, jumps leading directly into sharp corners. NEFR challenges teams to controlled flight. 

The competition starts in Maine with the picturesque Concord Pond stage, the most famous stage road of the rally. This fast, twisting, road features several jumps over crests, sending teams sideways in the air while challenging them navigate corners. The stage also features the fan favorite Concorde Pond Jump, a high speed left-hand curve that sends cars flying past excited spectators.

Driver Stats
  • Paul Choiniere has won here 5 times.

  • David Higgins can tie the win record this year.

  • Closest margin of victory - 6.5 seconds in 2013

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