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Nease Leads Rally Colorado Day One

Photos vie: Jon Seaton/Dash-N-Cars

Travis Nease and co-driver Danny Norkus are off to a blazing fast start to Rally Colorado this weekend.

The duo are fresh off of a class win at Olympus, and looking to continue their winning streak in Rangely to gain points toward the ARA West Regional championship.

Rather than just leading their class, however, this time they lead the field.

Nease started off strong with a win on SS1, Dragon Trail Southbound already putting second place Steven Olana in the O2WD Toyota Tercel over 45 seconds behind them.

Nease continued on his hot streak taking every single stage from then on out until reaching the Columbine Park Super Special and coming in second place to Jacob and Michael Despain in their 2001 Impreza RS by two seconds, not even close to enough time to chip away at the 4m19.4s lead they've pulled on Second place Steven Olana.

The L4WD class Nease is competing in has Todd and Valerie Briley in second, but back by 8m9.5s, with Eric Genack and Boyd Smith reaching third after climbing up from seventh after SS1 another 3m30.7s behind them.

O2WD is being led by Steven Olana and co-drive Lauren Purkhiser. Second overall, Olana leads over Peter Guagenti's BMW by 8m9.2s, and Andy Cowan's VW Jetta by 12m27.6s

Bret Hunter had been running top three in class and swapping places back and forth with Guagenti earlier in the day, but did not finish SS5, and allowed Cowan to sit comfortable in third the rest of the day.

L2WD is led by two BRZs, both separated by only 51.9s. Car 418 piloted by Tim Wickberg leads over Scott McCarty after the end of day one, with third in class currently belonging to Henry and Jack Gillow-Wiles.

NA4WD shows the closest two competitors at the top so far. Jacob and Michael Despain who won the Columbine Park Super Special lead the class by just 24.1s. Krishna Gandhi and Jake Baxter are ready to pounce going into tomorrows stages though, and have held the lead in the class twice today, and been within 0.4s of it after SS5.

Tyler Munger was unable to finish SS2 despite leading O4WD SS1 by 2m18.6s at the end of SS1. Jacob Sturgeon and Maribel Plaza are left as the sole team competing in the class at the end of the day.

Check back tomorrow to see what happens next at Rally Colorado.

*All times are preliminary and subject to change



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