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Legacy Rules and Bulletins

2023 RTR, RCR and GCR

ARA Bulletins (Pre-2022)

Pre-2022 Documents (RTR, RCR and GCR)
ARA 2021 RCR.jpg
ARA Bulletin 2022-1: 2022 ARA Specified Fuel for O4WD and RC2 1 0/21/2021
ARA Open Aero Rules Overview for 2022. (this is an overview for the 2022 season.)
ARA Bulletin 2021-8: Rule Updates to the ARA Rally Competition Rules (RCR) and Rally Technical Rules (RTR)
ARA Bulletin 2021-7: RallySafe for the National Championship
ARA Bulletin 2021-6: ARA Safety Protocol Testing
ARA Bulletin 2021-5: Changes to the ARA General Competition Rules
ARA Bulletin 2021-4: Update to OK/SOS Procedures
ARA Note: Rally Safe Use at SnoDrift/100AW
ARA Bulletin 2021-3 New 1/19/2021
ARA Bulletin 2021-2 New 1/18/2021
ARA Bulletin 2021-1 New 1/18/2021
ARA Bulletin 2020-8 New 12/17/2020 
ARA Bulletin 2020-7 New 12/10/2020 

ARA Past ARA Documents

2018 Rules and Bulletins
For historical reference to past ARA rulebooks and bulletins, go to 
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