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American Rally Association Announces 2018 AMSOIL Contingency Program

Speedway, IN (April 9, 2018)

The American Rally Association (ARA) is pleased to announce today that their 2018 Contingency Program, which supports the ARA National Championship Series, has added AMSOIL INC to its continually growing list of top-level Contingency Sponsors.

Participation in the 2018 AMSOIL Contingency Program is open to all ARA Regional and National Rally teams who register for the program in advance and compete in the 2018 ARA National Rally Championship. Up to fifteen (15) AMSOIL Certificates will be available at each of the 2018 ARA National Rally Championship events. Winners will be determined through official finishing results in each of the five recognized ARA vehicle classes: Open 4WD, NA 4WD, Limited 4WD, Open 2WD, and Limited 2WD.

“Rally racing is extremely intense, challenging and exciting,” said AMSOIL Racing & Events Manager Kevin D. Kastner. “We are glad to be part of the ARA and look forward to connecting with enthusiasts who desire only the best for their car. AMSOIL continues to develop the best oil and lubricants that have been proven and improved through racing. Our involvement in rally racing opens new conversations about the value and performance of our products. One of those new conversations is to show that AMSOIL is easy to find today – just go to and ship it to your door.”

AMSOIL officials will offer product certificates valued at $150 for first in class, $100 for second in class and $50 for third in class. Competitors wishing to participate in the 2018 AMSOIL Contingency Program must register prior to the start of an ARA Regional / National Rally to be considered eligible for awards. Competitors must also sign an affidavit during registration stating that they are using AMSOIL lubricants in their rally car. They must also have AMSOIL decals properly placed on their cars in designated locations to qualify.

AMSOIL INC, based in Superior, Wisconsin, was founded in 1972 by former jet fighter pilot Albert J. Amatuzio. A decade earlier, before selling his products commercially, Amatuzio conducted research into synthetic engine oils for use in a number of applications. AMSOIL grew by formulating synthetic lubricating oils for many applications, including specialized vehicles and those operating in severe conditions. In addition, AMSOIL has continued to develop fuel additives, filtration systems and other companion products that supplement and extend lubricant performance.

“As an internationally recognized manufacturer of top-level synthetic lubricants, AMSOIL has been an active supporter of motorsports for nearly 20 years,” said ARA National Brand Manager Paul Giblin. “Given their excitement to become more actively involved with the sport of Stage Rally, we couldn’t be happier than to welcome AMSOIL and its many distributors to our growing list of high-quality marketing partners supporting the 2018 ARA Contingency Program.”

Rally competitors wishing to register for the AMSOIL Contingency Program for the 2018 ARA National Championship Series should visit:

About American Rally Association (ARA)

A member-driven organization dedicated to the sport of Stage Rally, the American Rally Association provides a transparent, inclusive, and growing sanctioning body to competitors throughout America. A 501 (c)(3) non-profit and wholly owned subsidiary of the United States Auto Club (USAC), ARA is led by seasoned Stage Rally professionals who work hand in hand with an experienced Board of Directors to deliver a framework for safety, competition, promotion, and education for all aspects of the sport. The common goal of our members, volunteers, and organization is a thriving Stage Rally program in America.


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