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Watch: Brandon Semenuk - What it Takes to be a Professional Rally Driver

Photos via: David Cosseboom

Southern Ohio Forest Rally marked give-or-take a full year of driving for Subaru Motorsports USA for Brandon Semenuk.

DirtFish caught up with Semenuk at Parc Expose before racing started to get Semenuk's thoughts on his first year racing for the prestigious team.

"I think coming into 2020 that whole year was kind of a high coming in podium first event and then continuing that up with better results throughout the year and just, you know, really good pace."

"It's amazing first of all having travis as a teammate, but it's also reassuring knowing that he's been in my position before moving from another action sport, and obviously taking the skill set that he had there and using it to develop his rally skill set.

"Coming up you know he had his like ups and downs and then was able to you know win championships and now he's, especially this year, is showing that he's you know he's the fastest dude out there."

For more insight from Brandon, and footage of some of the action from SOFR, watch the video below:


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