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100 Acre Wood Recce Report

Salem, Missouri (March 14, 2019)

Recce for the 100 Acre Wood Rally is in the books and it was a wet one. Heavy rains in the region flooded much of the rally’s 125 stage miles and nearby transit roads. Water-splashes and rivers swelled and standing water made many sections of stage road slick and rutted. In addition, high winds blew down several trees along the road.

It was a tough recce, but competitors made it through. Here’s how some of the drivers and co-drivers made out at recce.

David Higgins (Subaru Motorsports USA) - "Stages are mainly very good, although the heavy rain made access to some stages impossible. One stage has been hit hard by weather but otherwise they are in great shape. Forgot how good these roads are!”

Jeff Seehorn (Seehorn Motorsports) - “Roads were a bit wet and spongy today. Hopefully they will dry out by tomorrow afternoon and make for some great conditions.”

Ken Block (Hoonigan Racing) - “Recce went well today, the roads overall look like they’re in good shape and they should be fast this weekend—which makes me happy! Ha. Looking forward to racing here again this weekend. I’ve definitely brought a knife to a gun fight, but I think it’s going to be a fun one!”

Competitors worked together to remove several trees that fell across the stage roads.

Oliver Solberg (Subaru Motorsports USA) - “Great stages, amazing variation of stages fast and slow and it’s extremely difficult but I’m excited and looking forward to it."

Pat Moro (PMR Motorsport) - “Roads for Friday will be good with no dust, but Saturday looks rough!!! And deep water. Seems the roads down in the valleys are slick”

Keanna Erickson-Chang (O.D.D. Racing) - “It’s awesome to have the ability to write our own notes for 100 Acre this year! We had a productive recce, but curious how some of the water crossings will be in the little Fiesta.”

Dave Wallingford (Team O’Neil Motorsports) - “We had a rough start to the day - first a mystery vibration in the car, then we got stuck in an uphill mud pit for about 40 minutes. Luckily the Ushers came along and yanked us free, but not until after Leanne had started walking towards the end of the stage to find cell service, walking through 2 ft of water along the way! The rest of the day was uneventful, and I’m looking forward to stretching the legs on the Fiesta R5 on these fast stages.

Krista Skucas (Hoonigan Racing) - “Lucy and I chose the east stages first for recce today, which proved to be a great decision as we saw just the right amount of other competitors out in the middle of nowhere to make the extra excursions and problem solving quite fun! A couple re-routes and down trees but no issues and are looking forward to each and every stage mile the organizers have worked hard to find and supply for us. I love recce!”

Follow along as teams take on the 100 Acre Wood Rally this weekend, March 15-16, in Potosi, Steelville, and Salem, Missouri. Head to for up to the minute timing updates from teams. If you’re near the Missouri Ozarks, come on down and see the stage rally action for yourself. Plan your rally with the free rally spectator guide. Download it here.

Photo Credit: Warwick Patterson (Top), Jeff Seehorn (1)


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