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American Rally Association to Retire 43, Honor Block’s Legacy

Flat Out 43ver Tribute begins at Rally in 100 Acre Wood

Salem, Mo. ~ The American Rally Association, in partnership with the Block family and the organizers of the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood, will be officially retiring the number 43 in remembrance of rally icon Ken Block, who suddenly passed away in January after a tragic snowmobile accident.

Block was a trailblazer in American culture and a powerful force in the world’s rally scene. His influence over motorsports for the past two decades was unequaled. The “Head Hoonigan in Charge” brought massive exposure through his involvement with global companies that included DC Shoes, Hoonigan, and the groundbreaking Gymkhana series.

His passion and talent meant he would always answer the call of stage rally competition. Block found his most success on the backroads of Missouri’s “100 Acre Wood”, winning the national event a record seven times. This weekend, the 2023 version returns to the gravel-packed roads that run through and around the Mark Twain National Forest, making it the appropriate setting to retire Block’s iconic 43.

“The shockwaves of Ken’s passing were seismic,” said Jeremy Meyer, ARA Business and Marketing Director. “As with everyone else, we worked through the grief of losing Ken, and when the time was right, we began discussions with the Block family on how to honor him. That begins with retiring the 43, with only the family being able to use it from now on.”

The ARA will officially retire the number at a special celebration on Thursday night in Salem. The ceremony will include the Block family, including wife Lucy and daughter Lia, who will both be returning to competition at this weekend's rally. Their return will be part of their “Flat Out 43ver Tribute Tour” which will be featured at the remaining ARA national events in 2023.

The Block Tribute will begin at 8:30 PM Central Time and will be live-streamed on the ARA YouTube channel. Fans are encouraged to pay their respects and cheer on the Block family during the rally and the Parc Expose on Friday in Potosi and Saturday in Salem. The family has also introduced the 43 Institute, a non-profit built to carry on “Ken Block’s greatest legacy: creating paths of opportunity for the exceptionally driven who may lack the proper support system for growth and success.” To donate, go to


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Riley Zalbert
Riley Zalbert
16. März 2023

Can't imagine how hard it will be for everyone without him there. He'll be watching over Lucy, Lia, Rhianon, and Alex especially <3 #KB43Forever

Gefällt mir
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