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American Rally Association Releases 2018 Technical Rules

Indianapolis, Indiana (February 15, 2018)

The American Rally Association (ARA) Technical Committee has completed a full revision of the Technical Rules for the 2018 season. Every aspect of the rules have been vetted by the Technical Committee with input from members of the larger Stage Rally community.

ARA officials have simplified the vehicle class structure for 2018 in order to better serve competitors from all backgrounds. To achieve that goal, the series has reduced the number of classes from seven to five.

The top classes for four wheel drive and two wheel drive vehicles will remain Open 4WD and Open 2WD, respectively. These classes will see minor revisions. NAO4WD will be replaced by the new Naturally Aspirated 4WD class. This class will be for highly-modified vehicles with sub-three liter naturally aspirated engines.

Restricted Open 4WD and Production 4WD will be combined into a single class called Limited 4WD. This class will have a direct counterpart for two-wheel drive vehicles in the Limited 2WD class. Both Limited classes are designed for budget-minded and entry-level competitors to help them compete as much as possible within their budget.

2018 ARA Classes:

Open 4WD (O4WD)

Naturally-Aspirated 4WD (NA4WD)

Limited 4WD (L4WD)

Open 2WD (O2WD)

Limited 2WD (L2WD)

These changes, along with others, are noted on the 2018 ARA Vehicle Classes document. The class information in this document will replace the current Section 4 of the ARA Technical Rules. All other sections of the ARA Technical Rules will remain the same, barring minor edits.

For any questions relating to the 2018 Technical Rules, please contact the Technical Committee at

About American Rally Association (ARA)

A member-driven organization dedicated to the sport of Stage Rally, the American Rally Association provides a transparent, inclusive, and growing sanctioning body to competitors throughout America. A 501 (c)(3) non-profit and wholly owned subsidiary of the United States Auto Club (USAC), ARA is lead by seasoned Stage Rally professionals who work hand in hand with an experienced Board of Directors to deliver a framework for safety, competition, promotion, and education for all aspects of the sport. The common goal of our members, volunteers, and organization is a thriving Stage Rally program in America.

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