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ARA Adds National Loop in 2023

The 2023 American Rally Association schedule will feature eight national events,

starting with America’s only true winter-rally: Sno*Drift in February.

The ARA is pleased to announce the addition of a National Loop at its national events

in 2023. The program will allow events to add an extra loop to its two-day schedule

at the end of the rally. This loop will include the event’s Power Stage, which was

added for national competitors in 2022.

The alignment of the extra loop to include the Power Stage comes on the heels its

successful implementation this past year. The Power Stage, which allows for

additional points for national competitors, was instrumental in the final standings,

including the down-to-the-wire showdown between eventual champion Brandon

Semenuk and runner-up Ken Block.

This move will allow events the opportunity to account for dust minutes and find

more flexibility within the weekend’s schedule. It will also allow the series and

events to show more value to national entries, which historically have come with a

higher entry fee but are equal to regional competitors in the number of stage miles


“We have been working with events to find solutions that will bring more value to

our national competitors without decreasing the experience for our regional

entrants,” said Preston Osborn, ARA Competition Director. “National competitors

upwards of $400 to $500 more than the regional competitors but run the exact same

mileage. We didn’t want to subtract mileage, and our events are working hard to

find extra stage miles to make it work”

The added loop also allows for the series and events more time to concentrate on

regional class winners, which will complete their podium prior to the arrival of the

national classes. A full podium celebration with live stream coverage will help keep

the focus on the regional winners in 2023.

“Too many times our regional competitors are sitting around waiting for the national

podiums to be finished,” continued Osborn. “This brings them to the forefront and

allows them to celebrate their accomplishments while the adrenaline is still flowing

and before the excitement has diminished.”

The ARA, which met with event organizers earlier this month, have confirmed that at

least five of the 2023 National events will be utilizing the National Loop. Sno*Drift

Rally, Rally in the 100 Acre Woods, Olympus Rally, Southern Ohio Forest Rally, and

Lake Superior Performance Rally have submitted initial plans to the ARA. Oregon

Trail Rally, New England Forest Rally, and Ojibwe Forests Rally are working with their

teams to see how the plan will work within their current road plans.


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