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O'Sullivan Takes STPR

After 55 miles of racing today, Johnny O'Sullivan has come out on top at Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally.

The irishman and his co-driver Kenny Quirke in their R5 Ford Fiesta didn't dominate every stage, but stayed consistent, placing podium in each stage and over time pulling over two minutes out of the rest of the field.

Open 4WD competitor Paddy Brennan with co-driver Allen Kelly was able to take second place in his Ford Fiesta Proto car. Brennan's consistency was his best friend as well, placing between second and fourth each stage.

Rounding out the O4WD competitors was Tom and Karl Mayer placing third in class.

Third place overall would go to the L4WD competitor Dylan Murcott with his co-driver Andrew Sims. The duo piloted their 2005 Subaru to the class win, about six minutes behind O'Sullivan's lead. Murcott was also able to pull off a win in the combined LN4 class.

Piloting the Impreza's enemy in L4WD was second place Ricardo Goncalves with co-driver Ozgur Simsek about eight minutes behind.

L4WD podium was completed by Tony Gearheart and Josh Alexander also behind the wheel of an Impreza, just under a minute behind the Mitsubishi of Gonclaves.

L4WD counterpart NA4WD was lead for the first half of the day by Jon Kramer and Zachary Jaques of Heavy Metal Motorsports, but a five minute setback on SS7 dropped him back to sixth place.

Kramer's drop allowed Kevin Allen and Liz Cordara to rise to the top of the classes, but being only two seconds ahead of Dylan Gondyke and Ben Chuong, they were overtaken on the last stage handing Gondyke the win by 14 seconds.

Gondyke and Allen not only took first and second in their class but also second and third in the LN4 class respectively.

Rounding out the NA class podium was the 2002 Impreza of Greg Healey and Phil Barnes.

O2WD suffered attrition after attrition. With 9 cars starting and three finishing, this was a battle or surviving above all else.

Topping the class was Cian McCormack and Matt James behind the wheel of a McKenna Motorsport Fiesta. The duo pulled an impressive ten minutes out of Robert Logozio and Nick Dobbs in second.

The final finisher in the O2WD class was another three minutes back behind Logozio. Timothy Thomas and Stephen McAdams in their 2003 VW Beetle were the only non-Fiesta to complete the rally in O2WD.

L2WD was a similar story, as only three cars managed to survive the Waste Management stages in this class as well.

Chris and Sarah Nonack in their Subaru BRZ were able to pull away from the rest of the pack for most of the event. They fell into second for a while but after Matt Peterson's Honda Civic DNF'd they had an easy path to victory.

Derek James and Raphael Orlove pulled off second in class with their Mazda 2 after a last loop pass over third place Julio Rodriguez and Santiago Alban's Ford Fiesta.

Top 10 Overall:

John O'Sullivan/Kenny Quirke (Ford) - 1h9m10s

Paddy Brennan/Allen Kelly (Ford) +2m3s

Dylan Murcott/Andrew Sims (Subaru) +6m40s

Cian McCormack/Matt Jones (Ford) +6m48s

Dylan Gondyke/Ben Chuong (Subaru) +9m15s

Kevin Allen/Liz Cordara (Subaru) +9m29s

Greg Healey/Phil Barnes (Subaru) +10m58s

Jon Kramer/Zachary Jaques (Subaru) +11m47s

Ricardo Gonclaves/Ozgur Simsek (Ford) +11m47s

Jude McQuaid/Sarah Freeze (Subaru) +12m25s



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