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RallySchools announce special prize for Regional Champs

SPEEDWAY Ind. ~ The American Rally Association is thrilled to announce for the first time a

special awards package for each of the three ARA Regional Rally Championships, as well as a

gift for a randomly selected rally volunteer for each region.

The Big Three of US rally schools, DirtFish, Rally Ready, and Team O’Neil have come together

to offer free classes and rally experiences for the aforementioned groups at the end of the 2024


The awards reflect a passion and dedication to the sport of rally in the United States that

spreads from coast-to-coast and everywhere in-between

"We are excited to partner with DirtFish, Rally Ready, and Team O'Neil to offer awards for our competitors and volunteers. We hope the prizes can help our regional champions take their skills to the next level and give volunteers a taste of the excitement of being in a rally car! The schools are incredible stalwarts of rally and continue to build a passionate group of rally fans." ~ Preston Osborn, ARA Competition Director

In the Western Region, home to Olympus, Oregon Trail, and the recent Wild West Rally, DirtFish

Rally School will be awarding the driver and co-driver with the most points a certificate for a free

one-day rally school each.

In addition, DirtFish is offering the same certificate to a lucky rally volunteer randomly selected

from from the list of volunteers from the rallies

"DirtFish celebrates rallying by donating a one-day class to the west regional driver and

co-driver champions, as well as a western volunteer,” DirtFish representatives said.

“This is our commitment to a sport that inspires, and a community that thrives on talent and

dedication. Rally On!!"

Competitors and volunteers aiming for the prize have six more events this year to compete

across Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, and DirtFish’s home-state of Washington.

For the Central Championship, the top pilot and co-pilot can prepare themselves for a trip to the

Rally Ranch in Dale, Texas for a two-day group class courtesy of Rally Ready.

Rally Ready is familiar ground for those who have attended their multiple ARA Rally Sprints,

and it will soon be familiar for another lucky two who rise to the top of the ranks as they rally

through Minnesota, Missouri, and Michigan, making their final stop at the Show-Me Rally in

Potosi, MO.

"American rallying IS our grassroots competitors, and our whole team at Rally Ready couldn't be more excited to welcome our 2024 regional champions to a weekend of high fives, new skills, and good ol' fashioned rally camaraderie. But as much as we love our competitors, the opportunity to support the lifeblood of our events, our volunteers, will hopefully be an exciting opportunity for our fellow organizers to see a great incentive to get more folks out on the stages. For us, this completes an ecosystem of rally training, our membership-based rally car builds, storage and anytime track use model, our RallySprint championship and arrive-and-drive programs, and now the ability to support our regional stage rally championship. Super grateful to ARA and our friends at Dirtfish and Team O'Neil for all coming together to make this happen for our competitors. Gat dang what a good time to be doing rally car things with your rally car friends!" ~ Dave Carapetyan, Rally Ready

Finally, for the ARA East Championship Team O’Neil Rally School in New Hampshire will offer

up the awards for those who top the podium at the end of the year.

Team O’Neil has long been a central figure for East Coast rallyists by supporting numerous

events throughout their many years, and keeping a hand in the region as much as possible

“Team O'Neil is excited to support the East Coast championship,” said Team O’Neil CEO Chris

Cyr. "We look forward to watching this region grow. Good luck to all the teams.”

For those with their eyes on the prize, it’ll take tackling stages in Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee,

Kentucky, and Pennsylvania to reach the top, but a two-day class awaits both the Driver and

Co-Driver with the most points at the end of the season.

Much like in the West and Central Regions, one lucky volunteer from this year's ARA East

events will also be selected at random for a one-day rally experience at Team O’Neil.

With 15 points-scoring events left on the 2024 ARA Calendar, there’s still plenty of time for

competitors to battle it out, and volunteers to get involved for a chance to win the experience of

a lifetime.

~ Mason Runkle for ARA

For more information about the American Rally Association, and to get involved, visit our



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