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ARA Posts three new Bulletins and one Advance Notice

Speedway, Indiana (January 16, 2019)

American Rally Association officials have published three new bulletins and a copy of an Advance Notice to the ARA website. These documents will all supersede their relevant rules in the 2018 Rulebooks.

Bulletin 2018 - 10 updates several miscellaneous items in the Rally Competition Rules (RCRs). Bulletin 2018 – 11 updates several sections of the Technical Rules relating to safety harness certification and installation. And Bulletin 2018 – 12 defines rules for the vehicles that novice competitors drive. It outlines procedures and rationale for adding intake restrictors to naturally aspirated and forced induction cars driven by novices.

Also included in this group of uploads is an Advance Notice of 2019 Championship Revisions sent to ARA competitors last month. The document details many proposed changes to the scoring and event structure of ARA events in 2019. Many of the changes laid out have already been implemented, including the establishment of the Super Regional event type.

Competitors are also advised that the ARA 2018 Rules and their Bulletins remain in effect until superseded by an updated set. The 2019 Rules are expected shortly and will consist of the 2018 rules, integration of the 2018 Bulletins, editing into a clean format, and minor revisions with no expected impact.

Direct links to the new bulletins can be found by clicking the links below. More information, including the complete ARA Rulebooks and Bulletins can be found here.

Bulletin Links:

Bulletin 2018 – 10:

Bulletin 2018 – 11:

Bulletin 2018 – 12:

Advance Notice of 2019 Revisions:


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